OK, today I am going to divulge the great secret of the Dharma that everyone knows, yet which they are not deeply conscious about.

There are several critical questions within our minds which demand answers continually and never seem to get answers.

What shall I do now at this moment?

Who am I?

What will I do (in the future)?

Who will I be?

Then, because there are no useful or satisfactory answers given by the mind, the following questions arise with a certain sadness or worse, panic. What have I done and what have I been?.

The first adequate respnse should be, “who wants to know?”

And the obvious answer is “me”.

That leads one back into an interminable cycle with, “but who am I”, and then, with a change in conceptul order, “what shall I do now? ad infinitum.

Those who have entered the Dharma or Dao stream know part of the answer. They know that “I”, including of course “me and mine”, does not exist and is just a useful convention of the mind that has assumed overwhelming importance and reality.

They know that the Dharma teaches them how to set that Identity aside with meditation and that, with a deeper Contemplation, they can dismiss it altogether. Yet until they reach that contemplation stage, the three other questions that seem to hang in there and bother them more is, “what shall I do then? what shall I do in the future? and then, dismally, what have I ever done? The I has stepped in again.

The Dharma exposes the folly of the concept of the past, the future and the present, but there you are, stranded in a hostile world with those three action questions.

Do you remember those action dolls? G.I. Joe and, at a different level, Ken and Barbie?

Did they ever have to ask what to do? No. Why?

You decided for them… How did you decide? As a child it just came out spontneously and the path was dictated by the particular pattern set for him or her given the  manufacturer’s characteristics.

So far so good.

There were individul differences, certainly, with regard to how those action dolls acted under your command, but there was no anxious thought or deep penetration into their past… Their actions seemed to come from nowhere.

One of the first problems is that the human creature doesn’t have the pattern of Identity set for him by the manufacturer and the marketing division. As a result, he or she doesn’t know how to react or who he or she is.

Some intelligent people decisded to fill that gap by inventing a manufcturer who gives certain commands on what behaviour should be, leaving the who was I? who am I? what will I be? completely open with the command “just do it right or you are going to regret it”.

The truth, however, is that there is no manufacturer and, like the legendery “Topsy”, “We just growed”.

So where do we go from there for the immediate question, “what shall I do now?”

allowing that “I” is a useful illusion and not real, because when there is not an immediate answer, the chain of ridiculous questions starts again, “then what shall I do in the future given what I did in the past?” etc.

What a ridiculous creature the human being is.

Do the lillies in the field that are dressed more magnificently than Soloman ask what clothes to wear? No, they just do it. Where does it come from? Their true lily nature.

And the fox and the rabbit, the sparrow and the eagle, what do they do at the moment and in the future? They do what their nature tells them to do without preocupation for  either past or future.

But you can’t find that true nature, because all around you have lost their heads and are running about, being carbon copies of what the invented manufacturers’ rules said they  should be and with a complete inability to be that at all.

When you wake in the morning, the only way to know the answer to that first question, what shall I do right now? is listen to what your true nature says. Of course the problem is that it says nothing, but if you are very, very quiet, stilling your mind and body, you can see that the natural program hs already put you in motion…. You don’t have to think about anything or even wait for an answer, because the question is ridiculous… You don’t need to know…. Just do it.

Who are you? It doesn’t matter at all. Does the fox ask who it is? or the rabbit, the eagle, the sparrow, the earthworm, the fly? No. Then why do you need to know?

And the future? … What a foolish question that becomes.

And the past? Well some fool back there followed his false Identity patterns and it was a mess… Even wealth or poverty made a difference… “I  wasn’t really anything…. I don’t need to be anything”… But one has to trust in that natural Dharma.

That is the root problem  That only comes with Dharma and Dao knowledge and correct meditation and contemplation…. Not that that is natural, but it is a means to return G.I.  Joe, Ken and Barbie back to their box and forget them.


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