It is an important exercise for anyone with a deep appreciation for animals an the delicate life force to examine the Upper Paleolithic cave paintings of Altamira and reflect upon the relationship between the animals represented and the human creatures who both painted them and saw them at that time.

Of course, we can only imagine what that relationship was or why they were painted..

Charcoal wicks, carbon dated to about 17,000 years ago show that the painters worked by the light of primitive stone lamps burning animal fat.

But why?  They were tribal societies certainly and researchers seem to indicate that they were not decorative but to some form of superstitious belief or what we might call occult magic. Perhaps they suggest they were used as motivational aids, magic to aid the hunters in the chase or charms to increase game presence.

But there is another alternative which is seldom suggested by those who project thei own “civilized” ideas upon these early hunters.

Perhaps they were not cognitively motivated at all.

As psychologist and biologist I will suggest the unthinkable to anthropologists. Their tribal base was the centre of all their behaviour and it united both female and male in one central cause the survival of the tribe.

Furthermore evolution dictated two strong fundamental associations that were gender linked . The females held the strong non cognitive association essential for survival that was the protection of their offspring and the males the strong relationship with the positive survival of the environment which supported them all and was also not cognitive.

These two strong survival forces were probably the first two to evolve and this was followed by the force for tribal survival.  This evolved clearly from a cognitive awareness of self that was not yet formulated as Identity.

What is interesting then is that there is a high probability that the paintings were painted without cognitive motivation. They just arose from the very nature of that deep interaction with the environment and particularly other living creatures essential to tribal survival.

The cave paintings show the sensitivity to nature which is not present in the representational paintings and are barely captured by modern impressionists and expressionists. Now why are these ideas so important for us to understand. If a modern painter wishes to connect with any living creature or nature itself the first thing that he or she must do is detach himself fro his Identity… He must no longer be a painter and he must not have either a client or the painting in mind. He must simply be painting without Identity.

You have heard of sculptures saying that their eventual sculpture is already in the stone. That is saying the same thing. For an archer, bow, string, arrow, target and even result must be set aside and he must just be “archering”, as a painter must just be “painting”, nothing more and nothing less.

A great object lesson her indeed, for if we really wish to put ourselves in touch with life that is the unity of all things then we must be “living”, nothing more and nothing less.

Only then will the human creature be in touch fully with the environment and every sentient creature that lives upon, and even perhaps beyond, the planet.

This living means living for the moment without Identity. It means living without Cognitive intellect as the master and only as the tool.  It means trusting in one’s true nature, not the confused, greedy, aggressive individual that is nurtured and fed by a “civilized” society.

Communication with all living creatures is your natural inheritance. The capacity to be as one with every blade of grass and tree and to respond correctly to their presence is within your grasp. Correct contemplations of the factors of Dao are the means. The capacity to know oneself as a human creature and not a “civilized” robot living in a world of pain and suffering is yours for the asking.

Return to the mind of the Palaeolithic painter with the skills of evolved intelligence to provide a better light.


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