Tiger Tiger. burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies.
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat.
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

The Tiger
William Blake

We may know (not many, it is true) about the Siberian tiger, black rhinoceros, the Philippine eagle and the Asian Amur leopard which are likely to vanish within two or three decades. We might be aware of the diminishing population of the lynx in Spain. But most do not really care…. What’s a Lynx after all except a large wild cat. What’s it good for? No good as a pet. You can’t eat it. Can’t sell them and they are hell of a nuisance.
Where do you stand? Even if you stand in the correct direction, your head will probably be turned away.

You couldn’t know, because you are not really interested,  that according to a United Nations report on the state of the global environment, that we will be without almost a quarter of the world’s mammals within 30 years.


The destruction of habitats and the introduction of alien species from  one part of the world to another. In other words, the human creature is to blame.

Is he really blameworthy?  Is he to blame for the more than  11,000
endangered animal and plant species?

Human settlement into wilderness regions, rainforest and wetlands destruction, and the impact of industry, have had a dramatic impact on animal survival. And the rate is expected to increase not decrease. As the human population increases, the lives of every other species will decrease.

Quite a coincidence, or is it?

Then there are the furtive hunters.  Just last month in a quiet forest here in Catalonia we found traps (“the hang the beast traps”) set to catch Wild Boar. If there is a way to kill from spear to poisons the human creature will find it.

Oh… I forgot, you are not one of them…

Remember, “if you are not part of the solution YOU are the problem.”

Representatives of industry and various government experts say that the picture is not as bleak as we present. I wonder if such reports would persist if some aliens from space decided to hunt the human creature because he is overpopulating the earth.
The jungle fares not so well. Way back in 2003 the lion population had
fallen by 90%. Can you imagine your city, town or village decimated by
90%?  Nothing to be concerned about really… Survival of the fittest.
Most have no idea.
The wild dog population has fallen to about 4,000 and there are now
fewer than 15,000 cheetahs. Just twenty years ago there were about 200,000 lions in Africa…Today there are just 23, 000.
Bullets and poisons are cheap… as is the life of any non human animal to most of the world population. Everybody’s “doing it their way”.

If governments counted the loss in terms of economics. then things might change. If the child in school learns that he is ruler of the planet. then things will not change…But it is not a matter really of economics or reason or morality.

If you are not part of the world, you  are against it and you can only be part of the world if you reach beyond cognitive intelligence to the roots of your being a truly human creature.

If we move from land and air to water, the state is equal.  Do you realize as you sit down to that meal of swordfish steak, your tuna sandwich or for that matter even your  fish and chips, that  90 percent of all large fish have disappeared from the world’s oceans in the past half century. Why?  Natural selection? No..  It is the result of industrial fishing.
Say “goodbye” then  to the soon to be extinguished sharks, swordfish, tuna and marlin.
That, we may cry, is “survival of the fittest” The human killer will survive. He is good at it.  He managed to kill the mammoth, sabre toothed tigers and mastodons with spears and lances… Now in the oceans, industrially, he uses miles and miles of baited hooks to catch fish .. and high powered weapons with sights and more.

True some species with conversation application (for fear of losing a great money market)  has resulted in the recovery of the threatened Yellowtail, Scallops and Haddock. (At least your bag of fish and chips is not threatened at the moment).    You won’t get the answers from reading blogs or newspapers.

You won’t get the answers in universities. You won’t get the answers from
television and even less from Governments. In fact in these places and with these methods of communication you will wander further away.

You are indeed ruler of the concrete jungle… You really can’t conquer nature in and of itself. But you can extend the steel and cement so that your jungle kingdom gets larger so that eventually there will not be a single animal in competition. You will preserve them in aquariums, zoos and in the museum.

In the future, not too distant if they are lucky, future generations will be able to visit a museum and see what a tree looks like.

It is of course not your fault. Someone else is always to blame.


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