It is sad to relate that probably the only perfect human creature is dead… No I am not talking of Buddha, Jesus the Nazarene or any other Saint like figure.

I am talking about the everyday normal human creature who is out there somewhere in some deep and silent grave. Finally he or she is operating in a perfectly natural way… he is doing what the human body is supposed to do … rot away slowly that earths loving creatures may take advantage of his flesh. Slowly all will be gone…

Dust to dust.

Finally he or she is not thinking… is not confused, greedy, with aversion or pondering with anxiety of the future… In fact neither the past, the future or even the present is important to him.

He will do no harm to any living creature .. he will do no harm to the planet.

While he lived he was without doubt the worlds most imperfect creature…he was alien to all other living things… His tribe could not even exist as “two”.  He passed on his Identity problems unto the seventh generation … and he considered himself the gift to the world of the gods.

Few other living creatures, if they had a voice would agree and if the rocks and mountains were to give their opinions undoubtedly they were erupt with brimstone and fire.

If there were a God would he forgive, or would he send them down to inferno, to build their high rises, bridges and supermarkets there … and of course the banks?

He has never learned that he is a part of all nature and considering his potential as a living creature to bring gladness, compassion an benevolent affect to the world, (not the cognitive mishmash of sentiment ) he has failed dismally.

The earthworm has flourished with an earthworm nature… the rabbit with a rabbit nature  … every animal with his own nature operating perfectly.., except the human creature.

True he flies like a bird, swims like a fish and runs .. well he runs, but his performance in all things is far less than the perfection of an ant.  He thinks, but not like a human creature has the potential to do, for his Identity within the left hemisphere ignores the basic and natural programs of the right.

Some day perhaps he will learn (though I doubt it), so until then his perfection must wait until that grand moment when he suffers no more and causes suffering to no other sentient creature. Death will have no sting.

I then end today with greatest respect for all those human creatures who have lived and died with honor and dignity as one with all living creatures and respect and awe for all life, but little indeed for the stained and foolish conduct of the human creature who believes that he holds dominion over all living creatures and does not use his human potential as a wise man of Dao.


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