Natural selection is not as simple as one may suppose, although it plays the most important role in the survival of the species. The concept of natural selection is defined today in a manner which is more exact with the Synthetic Theory being the differential reproduction of the genotypes of a population.

This scientific jargon signifies that those with the greatest potential for reproduction commands the future.  You can see immediately the error we are then making with regard to population control…We are projecting for the human creature the survival of the least fit.

In a clear manner we can say that at the moment when there exists differences in reproductive success of distinct genetic variations then there exists natural selection.

For example the Eagle on the mountain which is most efficient and has most success in reproduction therefore in the future will generate the future traits for the eagle population  and those traits will be with higher probability than other for dominance.

That appears pretty simple really and obvious, but we really haven’t considered that in the light of human reproduction.

For example the Human creature who produces more and has ignorance, confusion, greed and aversion as his or her psychological base and a thirst for Ego esteem will generate a future population with those attributes…Ay Ay Ay.

We should be perpetuating the reproduction of the best genotypes for natural intelligence not the genotypes for cognitive social greed and aversion.  We should be perpetuating by some controlled insemination the phenotypes which contain a clear human understanding of oneness with all living creatures.

Our killer traits learned and internalized, and only controlled by social mores would then be discarded.

That opens the way of course to a “Brave New World.”, in which it would be stained  political world and the law that would decide what are the worthy natural attributes.

The idea of human control of that type, at the moment at least, is not either attractive or possible no matter how correct it might basically be.  So what alternative is there?

There is only one answer. There must be a different form of education that stresses the oneness with all human creatures. The Christian churches speak clearly about the oneness of all creatures great and small and the Buddha and other masters clearly consider the destruction of life in a manner directed by Identity control unacceptable.

But we all know that in a world where education is directed at the “progress” of civilization and the pursuit of happiness, which means in these times fame and fortune, that too is an impossible dream.

So what do we do?

“Doctor cure yourself”.

What good will that do?

Truly we don’t have to think about that. When we discover for ourselves with Dharma Contemplation that oneness with a direct experience, all we will have to do is listen to response of ones true nature to the problem,

What will it say? Try it (with great patience, calmness, determination, perseverance and continual introspection) and see.

Perhaps it will say … let it all go where it wants to go…let each man choose his own road to Inferno. Perhaps it will say get out there and raise at least the sounds of Dharma Truth even if no one listens…Perhaps it will say spread the Dharma and stay as one with every living creature… Perhaps it will be silent and say nothing at all.  Who knows what your inner voice will proclaim.

But at least give it a chance to speak and refrain from wallowing in this world of dangerous ignorance generating death and destruction for all other living creatures with which we share the planet..


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