Today is the day in which those few who remain alive and know me may recall that it is the day in which one is supposed to celebrate one’s original birth.

That is all very well, but a good question to ask is what my birth, indeed what any birth, is all about?

I was (and I suppose this mind and body still is in a way ) psychologist and a biologist. The practice of psychology  is the study of “mental processes and behavior” while biology is the study of “living organisms”. Well we know that the be all end all of life is Survival.  But the question is who is it that survives… The answer is certainly not “Identity” and it is not “consciousness”.

Each creature is different, at least in what can be observed and cognizable. Although we do know there is really just life in a diversity of forms and that we see ourselves as superior and separate from all other lifeforms.  Human vanity and folly certainly, but there is something that may appear more sinister in all this.  perhaps our life and survival is more mysterious and subtle.. No I am not wandering in esoteric fantasy, but considering another biological possibility.

Supposing the human life, in fact any life, is not what it appears to be.

Supposing the important elements of life are the sperm and the ovum.

Lets look at that sperm. What is it? It is more than a mere male gamete, which is a mature cell with a haploid set of chromosomes. .
We might consider it to be a combating chromosome delivery boy, but that sells the sperm short. It is also carrier of a complex cargo of RNA that are probably crucial for the embryo’s early development.

It appears then that this delivery boy my be much more important biologically than we are.

What about the egg.

Well we can say simply that it is a receptive form of the same thing.

Wonderful! Sperm and egg can get togather.

Now that is when I ask the important question …. Why?

For the perpetuation of life certainly…. But who’s life?   Not mine or yours or that of any other creature that generates a sperm and an egg or any comparable system.

The target is the life of the sperm and egg.  They are the stars, the heroes and heroines in this picture.

Then what are we?… Nothing really.

our task as apparent individual cellular aggregates is to wander about out here in this ever changing and hostile world as explorers of the environment in order to gather up and take part in a genetic deem pool, so as to generate a better and more efficient egg and sperm so that better explorers can go out and report back necessary changes ad ad infinitum.

Now that changes completely our perception of the Identity problem.  The Identity of each one of us i out here, far away from the cellular world gathering information that is completely in error.  The rest f the animal world is doing its part but the human creature … oh no. It is only concerned with itself not the message he is supposed to deliver in reproductive procedures to his or her sperm and eggs.

We are generating gradually a message to the sient and secluded sperm and gene that confusion, greed, aversion and a fear of the future is the correct way for the sperm library to be constructed.

We are generating the life killer gentic base, getting ready to slaughter all the other creatures out there whre we should be gathering information  and furthermore destroying the environment itself so that the genes will only be sending out misfits do not survive and in any event collect no information.

Now many may treat this idea as a jest, but for those with a greater vision it as realistic a view of life and its function as any other that has been presented by science.

Samual Butler , a proponent of this idea, made it quite clear is a simple quotation, “the  hen is simply an egg’s way of making another egg


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