In yesterdays post you were served with two stories, both about Chicken Little. In the first was a vision of Chicken Little, terrified that the world was about to come to an end, telling his friends only to find that life was cruel at the hands of his natural enemy

In the second tale no one believed Chicken Little and the world indeed came to an end. Two stories, each  relevant to survival. In the former the message was “reflect don’t panic at a threat to survival” and in the second was “reflect and consider the possibility of survival without Identity participation.

We may ask then what is this survival all about? It is clearly using circular terms simply “staying alive” Put slightly more elegantly, it is “the perpetuation of life”. But whose life?

Depending upon the level of evolution of the species the basic programs are survival of the apparent self, offspring, tribe and the supporting environment.

That seems clear enough, with the human creature POTENTIALLY heading the list as the Savior of all life. There’s one problem however. The natural survival program has gone wrong. Those who dare, may say that God made a damned fool mistake. Others, more sophisticated, may declare that nature managed to create a virus.

But from a purely humorous biological point of view that virus seems to be just working to eliminate the fouled up human creature and is trying to do it before he or she destroys all other life. This corkscrew human destructive mind then is eradicating itself by destroying its carrier. There’s something poetic in that (as far as natural justice is concerned).

The question is, will the human creature destroy himself before he destroys all life. Considering that there are animals that we would consider inferior; require no food and live directly from minerals,  live without light and still others that live without oxygen, he will not succeed, though the damage will be immense.

So indeed if we do manage to destroy all food sources, destroy all natural resouces and destroy all oxygen giving life forms, good old Mother Nature will still be in there fighting away to retain the last vestiges of life.

Perhaps next time there will be no virus.

Reflect upon that for a moment.

Perhaps we should take another look at human life itself and put it in perspective.

In my training as a psycho-biologist I learned in the first lessons that one could determine if a creature was “alive” that is “if it was a life form” by examining various attributes.

  • Living things consist of one or more cells
  • Living things obtain and use energy.
  • Living things metabolize, grow and develop.
  • Living things reproduce.
  • Living things respond to their environment.
  • Living things adapt to their environment.

So a single cell is a living creature and we as a mass of specialized cells, one great colony of cells called a human creature. It is true that Eukaryotic cells, from which we are made, are much more complicated than prokaryotes , that form bacteria. But all those other “inferior” domestic and wild animals out there, from the cockroach to elephant are also different established colonies.

Now, the objective here is not to discuss the interesting biology of the human cells, just to  to understand that we are really not a human creature but a colony of human creatures that have managed to evolve, theoretically to better survive with a program of survival that includes preserving the life system for the benefit of  living creatures.

Mind you the survival does not consider individual survival,  just the survival of the diversity of life.  That’s where we fail. That Virus Identity sees to that.

So where do we go from here? That’s up to you.


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