The human population of the world is estimated  to be 6,813,000,000 and the alarming rate of growth began at the end of the Black Plague around 1400 .

Annual births have levelled at about 134 million per year since their peak at 163 million in the late 1990s, but deaths are only around 57 million per year, but and are expected to increase to 90 million by 2050. Making calculations we can see that there will be nine billion people grabbing, fighting or sitting in intellectual indifference between 2040 and 2050.

The consensus scientifically is that the current  expansion along with our ever demanding consumerism and world globalization are linked to threats to our eco system. So approximately seven billion people are destroying life. They are destroying  not only that of every living creature that has the fortune to not be human, but human kind itself.

How many of that seven billion are concerned. Not many really. How many are actually doing something about it. Fewer, that is certain, for the waving hand directs problems at others.

I am an optimist, yet I have the alarming sensation that it is too late and that the bio diversity of life will not help at all.

The planet already has begun the long process of devolving into a burned-out cinder, eventually to be swallowed by the sun.

If one considers the life of the earth to be one day then we are already at  4:30 a.m., corresponding to its 4.5 billion-year age. By 5 a.m., the 1 billion-year reign of animals and plants will come to an end. At 8 a.m. the oceans will vaporize. At noon – after 12 billion years – the ever-expanding sun, transformed into a red giant, will engulf the planet, melting away any evidence it ever existed and sending molecules and atoms that once were Earth floating off into space.

The disappearance of our planet is still 7.5 billion years away, but we seem devoted to the idea that all life should disappear long before another minute passes.

In the long run I suppose it doesn’t matter, but the life force is unique in every living creature. It wants to survive.

Yet in the human creature that life force seems to have been covered by a net of ignorance generated by the human creatures clinging to his individual Identity.

“The earth it belongs to me”, he appears to be saying.

Yet he is frightened for he clings and craves the esoteric religions believing that it balances his foolishness.

“The earth belongs to no one. We share it with every living creature. Yet we forget that as we use or modern toys of luxury and steep or feeble brains in the darkness of pleasure.

So what can one do?

Liberate one’s own mind for a start. It is a patch to put refuse in the correct bins. The greens of the world have the correct social attitude, but I fear that their interest is only intellectual and socially conditioned. How many actually feel part of all life?

Many that I know drive pollution producing cars into the countryside to pick up waste paper.  Another patch.

Until we begin to experience life in a most profound way that is deeper than religion or science teaches then we can never break free from the traps of our own cognition.

If we examine the great movements of our time we can see that every movement (though they seem to die eventually) starts when two free concerned minds get together and decide to do something.

What can wey do?  Understand and teach others.

We have a new world of communication, yet we use it for trivial pursuits massaging our own little Ids, Egos and Superegos. Do you have the courage to really see what we the human creature has done to this planet? Do you have the courage and virtue that allow you to reach out to others? Do you have the courage to change your own mind and join every other living creature as one with the world.

Maybe? maybe not?


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