So what does it matter really that we are all connected by nature and only perceive ourselves as individual. No matter what really is that state we still walk around in this world with our own survival uppermost.

And what does that mean …

“First ME and may the devil take the hindmost… and if I can spare the energy and time and I feel socially obliged perhaps I will do what I can for someone else.”

Of cause you love nature: Or do you…. When you are out there on a silent mountain in the morning and teh sun comes up … how do you feel? Awed and connected… That’s a pity, because if you do that means you are falling short. It means that you are observing that magnificent spectacle.  It means that your Identity is grooving on it.

When you sit beneath a magnificent tree and feel its protection  and seem connected … that too is a pity.   It will not be a surprise to hear then that those stupendous  moments at a beach, on a hill top … anywhere where YOU are watching and YOU feel connected then you are falling short.

The true experience is to be fully integrated… You must be the sun, the tree, an ant, a butterfly .. a rabbit .. a fox .. a wolf.  Do you understand…. Sure it is difficult.

In the  Avatamsaka sutra it is made clear…. In every life form to totality of all life is contained and in the totality of ll life each individual life form is contained… If you don’t feel that, then it is time to reflect well about that observer who is watching… Who is it.

The answer is it is an phenomenon that you have invented,… better said perhaps is that that Identity is a generation of your mind.

Why?  Of course a  useful tool…. But you believe that that invention really exists.

I remember as a child, (and I’ m sure that you too have had such experiences) that a magician came to our village… He performed all sorts of magic… I saw him take rabbits from a hat… coins from my ears and from thin air into flowers, eggs and anything he liked… It was magic and I believed it was true.

Then one day I read a magic book and discovered that what I saw was not real at all.

Then from that moment on I knew the truth… Even when I couldn’t detect the illusion I knew what I was seeing was not real.

It never destroyed the wonder and enjoyment in seeing a magician… but I knew the truth. ..

Knowing the truth of the illusions of the human mind about the nature of things is a liberation from the belief in the reality of an independent existence for all things. What it does is take the belief in Identity away and allows the human bi computer to do its work well and quite naturally…. No faults in the works and no suffering.

The illusions remain, but the way one interacts with the world is different

It is said that beauty is only skin deep… that too is an error… There is no beauty, and when you realize that by direct experience you become as one with all living things..

. The experience then in the face of that magnificent truth is equanimity, rapture, bliss and well being. And when anyone acts against any living thing in nature he acts against the apparent creature that is part of it all…The useful illusion that is “you” has been violated.

It is hellish difficult and it starts with cognition and gradually seeps inside…. But you are every living thing. Yes… not in a philosophical or religious sense but in the real sense.

Feel it and you will know it is probably true… get the direct experiences and you will be certain… although there is no YOU really.


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