Suffering is more than skin deep!

Almost everyone at some time or another has suffered.  Some with extreme circumstances and others more lightly… But the Dharma of Suffering does not just include the obvious, the anxiety, the depressions, the fears and the like.

When you drop a pen, for example, what is your reaction…There is at first a small element of surprise which is natural undifferentiated excitation, then a mental response… But there will also be just a catching of breath or a slight tremor of annoyance or impatience… Well that too in the Buddha Dharma sense is also unnecessary suffering. It is a mental suffering that has been learned and its base is the attitudes, intentions and actions of the Identity.

Identity and suffering go hand in hand,,, and so does Identity and happiness.

Suffering and happiness are duality generated by the mind… Both are a base for suffering.

When we eliminate this duality… what do we get…??’  Generalized WELL BEING that is continuous, including in moments of difficulty, for there is well being in the certain knowledge that what can be done will be done by the human system without the necessity of conscious thought as we normally use it.

In the Dharma conscious thought is a TOOL not the master or decision maker.–

There is then Suffering in Happiness… Why is that???  because it sets the conditions for expectation which is a natural fore bringer of Suffering.

There is then no natural suffering and we have learned on the basis of church, education, state and well meaning family why and how to suffer and the base for this was set more than twelve thousand years ago when evolution brought changes in human behavior in agricultural societies along with the development of words and concepts,

The basic task then is to liberate the system from a total dependence upon word concepts (including abstractions) and return the system to a natural yet advanced condition where words are the support.

That is the task of Vipassana Jivitindrya…. it scans memory, perception and cognition for the viruses and replaces them with correct memory traces… Consciousness in and of itself, being a part of cognition is unaffected, for it is no more than a mere screen of consciousness with limited utility, although we believe it to be “what we are”… declaring “I am conscious therefor I exist”.

Yet in a true sense, we do not exist. We area a part of one integrated whole and Mara like a great octopus sends out its black ink covering natural knowledge and its tentacles reach out and where they touch there is suffering.

Our task is not to cut off the tentacles but to destroy the octopus before we no longer see the wonder and beauty of this planet and destroy it with ignorance.


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