The Stream of the Dharma in the Chan Forest

“The chan forest is a place of darkness when one looks from outside the secret gate. From that point one can see through darkness of Samsara indications of the natural life force of the female principle of natural processes and the light that allows clear vision of the sky of the masculine principle for the expression of the dharma.

The stained mind looks at the darkness and cognitive dissonance generates intellectual dharma with its varied forms, but if the gate is opened with the key of the heart (the pure mind) then the true nature of the forest, splendid and resplendent with uncarved wood,  is available to a mind that is vibrant and with the virtue of the De of Dao.

All one has to do is reach out and touch what is really inside oneself, untarnished by religion, state, education or a society that colours samsara with confusion, acquisitiveness, aversion and a fear of the future.”

shan jian

The Dharma Mountain Source

Here perhaps a seeking mind with Buddha’s free critical inquiry will locate the key.


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